The Vining Group: Equestrian Services     

Meet Alyce Vining of The Vining Group, your expert real estate agent for equestrian properties. With a lifelong passion for horses, Alyce isn't just an agent - she's a fellow equestrian who understands the unique needs and requirements of horse properties.

Raised in Georgia, Alyce spent her childhood owning and riding horses, primarily eventing. Today, she continues this passion as an adult amateur, competing at the lower levels. Alongside her husband, Jonathan, Alyce has spent the last 20 years building The Vining Group, a leading real estate agency specializing in luxury lakefront, golf course, equestrian, and acreage properties in Georgia. With her deep knowledge and love for both the horse and real estate worlds, Alyce offers a unique skill set for buyers and sellers of equestrian properties. She understands the value and utility of these special properties, from the ideal acreage for grazing to the necessary facilities for training and care. With Alyce, you're not just getting a real estate agent - you're getting an equestrian specialist who can provide expert advice on the market and the specific features of horse properties that can enhance their value.

But Alyce doesn't work alone. She is backed by a team that provides high-end marketing to all of our listings, ensuring a professional look and the broadest reach. Our targeted marketing campaigns coverall forms of media, including digital, print, social media, and direct mail, ensuring your property reaches the right audience. Moreover, Alyce brings with her a robust network of contacts within the equestrian industry throughout the southeast. While marketing and exposure are crucial, many equestrian properties are discovered and sold through word-of-mouth networking and sphere of contact.

So, whether you're looking to buy or sell a horse property, or if you know someone who is, remember Alyce Vining. Her specialized skills in both equestrian and real estate industries make her the ideal professional to ensure you get the best deal possible. The Vining Group is where equestrian knowledge meets real estate experts. 

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