The Vining Group Celebrates National Pet Adoption Month

October 2023, Greensboro, GA - Recognizing October as National Pet Adoption Month, The Vining Group at Keller Williams Lake Oconee is emphasizing the importance of animal adoption and its potential to enhance lives with companionship. The organization is spotlighting the Hamblen family, whose experience demonstrates the positive effect of pet adoption.

The Hamblen family recently adopted their second pet from the Oconee Regional Humane Society (ORHS), following their previous successful adoption of a dog named Mollie. The family has now added Emmy to their household.

The adoption took place at the annual Mix & Mingle gathering hosted by The Vining Group at Keller Williams Lake Oconee at the Preserve Pavilion at Reynolds. The event was organized in support of ORHS, providing guests with the opportunity to meet several dogs available for adoption.

The Vining Group appreciates its clients, like the Hamblen family, who actively support local animal shelters. The story of the Hamblen family showcases the joy and companionship pets can bring to a home, and it is hoped that it will encourage others to consider pet adoption.

The ORHS expresses gratitude to the Hamblen family for their ongoing support and hopes their experience will inspire more people to contemplate the rewarding process of pet adoption.

For those considering adding a pet to their family, a visit to ORHS at is recommended to learn more about the significant difference adoption can make in a pet's life. 


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