Lake Oconee Waterfront Homes

If you happen to be one of those people who love open spaces, wooded lands, sky blue waters and a close connection with nature while enjoying all the amenities of modern living, then you are an ideal buyer for Lake Oconee water front homes. When you are looking to buy a property close to a lake area (full of scenic beauty) then Lake Oconee is for you. With virtually thousands of homes available, Lake Oconee has a waterfront property which you would love to own.

The Lake Oconee waterfront homes are the most desirable real estate you can own for a number of reasons:
The Lake Oconee area takes it’s name from Lake Oconee which is the impoundment of Oconee and Apalachee Rivers to support Wallace Dam. The lake holds 1400 acres of wildlife habitat and fish game reserves.
Lake Oconee ranks second among the lakes in Georgia with 374 miles of lush green, thickly wooded shoreline which is an ideal location for a beautiful home setting.
Lake Oconee waterfront Homes area enjoys easy access from major population centers in the state. The area is some 1.5 hours from Atlanta in the west, 1.5 hours to Augusta in the east. 45 minutes to the south is Macon and 45 minutes from Athens to the north.

If you happen to be a lover of golf, then the Lake Oconee area is pure heaven. Lake Oconee is home to some of the most renowned residential golf courses in America.
Filled with waterfront homes Lake Oconee area is an ultimate fresh water angling and outdoors destination. The lake holds a huge variety of popular game fish varieties, including: channel catfish, large-mouth, black crappies,white and striped hybrid bass.

Lake Oconee waterfront area is well served with amenities that include a community ramp and dock with convenient lake access, and exclusive day-slips for the residents.
The expansive (21,000 sq ft) amenity center is equipped with dual pools, fitness center, multiple use crafts rooms as well as game rooms.
On the sun side, you can enjoy tennis courts with distinctive clay surfaces. You can be at the grandchildren’s park with the toddlers. Plus, you can have fun at bocce, pickle ball and croquet. A lakeside pavilion is a perfect place for your evening coffee.

So all in all, Lake Oconee waterfront Homes area is a splendid place for you to buy a property (let it be for your own living or renting it). There are a number of amazing luxury houses available in the area which are available.  Go here if you are looking for Lake Oconee waterfront homes.

Similarly, you can look here for a Lake Oconee featured property.
You can use this site to be your one stop online source to Lake Oconee waterfront homes.  You can search all of the available properties (including those outside and inside of the gated communities) at this site:


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