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New Membership Strategy for Harbor Club on Lake Oconee


Harbor Club, one of Lake Oconee’s gated golf and lake communities, has implemented a new membership strategy to enhance it’s current member base and attract non-resident individuals, families, and companies.  First, they are extending membership beyond current residents and property owners by allowing non-residents and companies to attain certain memberships.  One highlight of this avenue is offering individuals under the age of 40 an Executive Membership, with the incentive of a 50% reduction on the initiation fee.  Second, and the primary focus of attracting new club members, Harbor Club is making it’s membership more affordable by reducing the up-front initiation fee.  They are able to accomplish this by making this reduced membership fee non-refundable.  So, a new member can choose to have a less expensive initiation fee that is non-refundable, or they can opt for a higher priced initiation fee that is refundable.  Third, they have enhanced their amenities by improving the golf course, updating the interior design of the clubhouse, adding Zumba and yoga classes, refinishing the swimming pool, and introducing a new logo and signage throughout the community.  Lastly, they are reaching out to the younger member market by supporting Lake Oconee Academy, the local charter school that is located just minutes from the gates of the community.  Harbor Club supports LOA’s golf team and several other of their school activities in an effort to create a bond between the community and the parents of the children attending this school.

If you have any interest in Harbor Club, or would like to discuss this information in further detail, please contact The Vining Group at 706-816-1010.  We will be happy to provide you with more information regarding this prestigious gated golf and lake community.  To view available properties within Harbor Club, click on the link below.

Harbor Club Properties For Sale


Source – Lake Oconee Breeze

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