Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Fall Home Maintenance Tips for Southerners

Although we reside in the Deep South where we rarely encounter heavy snow, ice, and consistently freezing temperatures, it’s still important to prepare our homes for the winter months.  Doing some preventative maintenance now can save money and help keep our families safe!  Here in Lake Oconee, we are enjoying the beautiful Fall weather, so what better time is there to get out and perform some fall home maintenance musts!

Gutters  One of our favorite things about Fall is the colors of the leaves.  However, these beautiful leaves FALL and end up blanketing yards and filling up gutters.  Regularly clean your gutters and downspouts so that they are clear of leaves and debris to ensure optimal performance.

Lawn Care  As the leaves fall, it’s important to rake or blow the them off of your lawn.  Thick layers or piles can suffocate and kill the grass, so keeping it clear throughout the fall months is important.  This is also a great time to trim back vegetation around your home.

Outdoor Faucets  You need to begin the process of draining and winterizing your outdoor faucets and irrigation systems.  Remove the water attachments from your home and cover the spigots with insulating material such as foam. You can find insulating material in your local hardware store.

Fireplace  If you have a wood-burning fireplace it’s recommended to have it inspected and/or cleaned before you light the first fire of the season.  Chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning can occur, so having a chimney sweep or other professional come out to inspect and clean it is important.

Heating Systems  In the South there are many types of heating systems. It’s always a good idea to have them in proper working order BEFORE the cold, winter months are upon us.  Inspect and change filters, and have your HVAC professional check your heating unit or gas connections to ensure optimal performance.

Weatherstrips  It’s never a bad idea to check the weatherstrips around the windows and door frames of your home.  Caulking may be required, but you want to ensure that heat isn’t escaping.  That can lead to higher electric bills during the winter months.

Smoke & CO Detectors  The Fall season is a great time to test your smoke and CO detectors and replace their batteries if necessary.

Ceiling Fans  Switch your ceiling fans to the clockwise direction. This will push the warm air down into the rooms from the ceiling.

Setting aside some time each week to perform some of these fall maintenance tips can help you prevent issues that otherwise may have resulted in costly repairs.  It’s always best to be prepared, as opposed to waiting and reacting to a problem that could have been easily prevented.  So get out, enjoy the beautiful Fall weather, and get your home ready for the winter months!